Thursday, September 30, 2010

Show N Prove 9/29/10

So tonight we had Poor with his track "MY EX" and Pangea Proj. w/ 2nd Sat. 2 brand new tracks that sound totally different... but what did the listeners have to say???

Poor "MY EX"... Yes:20 No:2

Good Job Poor. Plenty of calls for this one. comments said that it was different, It didnt sound like anything else. Now one no said it was "gross" but i guess u cant please everyone...

Pangea Proj. "2nd Sat"... Yes:8 No:8

and for the 1st time, we have a tie. with a limited fan base in Hawaii, it was totally split. good job though.

Congrats to both artist. Pretty good response but we need more. check out Show N Prove on the Got Rice? Show every wed night at 1045 only on KTUH 90.3 FM or

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