Friday, December 31, 2010

The Got Rice? Shows top 15 of 2010

#15 Nocando / Busdriver : 2 Track Mind

Rocked this song alot toward the end of 2010. Dope stuff. Nocando always delivers no matter on Grindtime or on his tracks. Im just sad i jumped on this track so late in the yr. Props to Nocan for sending the album to the station.

#14 WU Massacre : Our Dreams

Props to My man Al for hooking up this album. Wu always comes hard and this album was no exception. we loved this track from the start and played it alot on the show. Wu keeps commin out with bangers

#13 Counter Productive : It's You... Not Me

Props to Dirtbag Dan for comming to Hawaii and reppin on the Got Rice? show and at Hiphop at the Trops. Hella Cool cat. This is Hommies cru and this track quickly became a Got Rice Favorite...

#12 Distant Relatives : As We Enter

Nas and Damien Marley... How can u go wrong??? track fucking rocks. Nuff Said

#11 Ill Hill Society : Aloha Broha

These cats been putting in work for the last few years and finally put something out. After having a really good showing on the Show N Prove Segment of the show, this track made its way into the rotation and has been a fav ever since. Wouldve been higher if there was more tracks out, Still Waiting for a full album guys. hurry da fuck up... haha.

#10 Tassho Pearce / Kwalified Emcee / Copywrite : Books

Tassho's Been putting in work for a while now. Props to him for his latest DL's under the Aloha Friday series. Shits been dope, and this is one of em. The other fav is the collab with Murs, Creed & Omega6 called Good Problem and the collab wit all the local emcees. Keep it up and Tasshos gonna find himself at the top of this list next year. Good job fam. keep it up. Cant wait to hear whats next.

#9 Mo Illa Pillaz : Manapua Man

This came out late in 09 and has been rocked on the Got Rice? Show throughout 2010. From Manapua Man, to Blu Lights, to Da Secret wit Jimbo of Ooklah the Moc, We rocked a hella bunch of tracks from this longtime local hiphop duo. wit there latest album, Universe Citys, just dropped, were mos def gonna hear more noise from them on the show in 2011

#8 Bambu / Prometheus Brown : Slow Down

We been playing Bambus stuff for a lil while now, but only recently have we really pushed his solo tracks and they are fucking dope. Slow Down, Queen is dead, Pull It Back, Like us and more are all Favs. Add to the fact that Bambus been back in the islands twice in the last year and has been killing all his shows, also with a willingness to work with local emcees (and blessing the Got Rice? Show twice didnt hurt... hahaha) he is well deserved of this 8 spot right hurrrr. ha

#7 Rocky Rivera : The Rundown

We were torn between putting Bambu b4 Rocky and vice Versa, but finally decided to put Rocky 1st cuz Lady's 1st.... and we didnt think Bambu would mind... haha. In all realness though, home girl has killed it wit her album. The Rundown track gets a hella lotta love in the islands for its "local" beat, also MRSHMLO and Girl Like Me had alotta play on the show. Add the dope show she did earlier in the yr and blessing the Got RIce? show at that time, she is really is showing that at number 7, lady's should be first.... ha

#6 Angry Locals / Kluv : Collapse Slow

Now this shouldnt have to be explained... but i will. The local "Super cru" Angry Locals should have been higher if they had come out with their album earlier in the year. That being said, for the noise they made in the last month or two, this spot is well deserved. Wit all the members breaking out this year, Krystyles killin the airwaves as well as tracks, Mox wrecking stuff on the battle tip and on the mixtape circuit, Osna's on everybodys album, and Mic 3 dropping his album and being on the new Pirates Movie, add in KLUV wit his mixtape and teaming up wit mox on Prolific Unknowns.... Not to mention the Big Battles and Party at there CD release, and not to forget the hilarious "call out videos" they made on Youtube, the Angry Locals are gearing up to take the top spot in 2011. Keep reppin the locals Boys...

#5 Pro : Nobody

This might come to a surprise to some, but the cats in the local hiphop game know, Pro is the real Deal. Hommie produces and Emcees and seems to have taken both skillz to the next level in 2010. On the Show N Prove segment of the show, hommie has been on as an emcee or a beatmaker an unreal 4 times. Once wit Kinasi, once wit Fellow emcee Product as Pro n Product, Once as a beatmaker with Prie, and of course Nobody on his solo ish, and he never went into the negative wit any of his tracks on show n prove. Weather its teaming to make the dope duo Pro n Product, teaming up wit other local hiphop cats or doin his solo shit.... not to mention the shows hes been doing at various venues, Hommie has been putting in unreal work and has stepped his game up hard in 2010. mos def looking foward to 2011 for this Got Rice? Show Fav. Mos def cant wait to see whats next. Good Job, Keep it goin Brotha...

#4 Creed Chameleon : Groupie Song

No Surprise here, Creed Chameleon kept grinding in 2010 wit his first serving from the Flip the Bird Fam, The Ultimatum. The Got Rice? show has rocked many of the tracks off the album Throughout 2010 like Paradise life relaxing wit Geo and Bambu, Groupie song, Morning Blessings and more. Add the fact that Hommies been on every big rap acts bill the last few years, number 4 is a great place for this Hawaii hiphop vet. The Got Rice? Show is always excited to see whats next with Mr Creed... only time will tell. keep goin and rising my Brotha

#3 Mayer Hawthorne / Jay z : Just Aint Gonna Work out

Now this is the trak that Brought me and Eligh the one and only, together. Shit was so dope we had to rock it. The beats and the videos together were perfect. I was blown away at how well it worked. Not to mention, its the perfect "fuck u girl" song... hahaha. Mayer Hawthorne has always been up there, but 2010 really blew it up when we started seeing videos for Maybe so, Maybe no and Wish it would rain. Also with a performance in the HI, Mayer Hawthorne has become one of the Got Rice? shows quirky favs and deserves the 3 spot

#2 Dumbfoundead : Rapper O's

With the rise of Grindtime and its popularity here in the islands, it was only natural that we would pick up on more of their better rappers. Dumbfoundead was incredible on the battle tip and blew us away. what really made it dope was when we heard his tracks.... damn, shit rocked. Rapper O's is his ode to wack rappers and we thought it was great... and so did U listeners giving multiple likes on FB. with other songs like Different Galaxies, 3 pipes down, Bullets of truth, Professional raps, 2 versions of She dont care and more being rocked on the show, its no wonder why Dumbfoundead landed in the 2nd spot. Cant wait to hear this cat live one day.... stay tuned... chee

#1 Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

We dont need to talk about this really... but we will cuz its our number one of 2010. Fornever is a dope album, but when i heard Asian Girl, i knew we had a new song to open the show with. A dedication to all my Asian Girl listeners out there was just to perfect and has been the theme song for the Got Rice? Show ever since. multiple cats love it and have called and commented saying so. not to mention, Murs being one of Got Rice? shows all time favorites, this one song has changed the image and added the FUN back into the Got Rice? Show fornever... hahaha.

Good look guys. big up to all that have listened to the show throughout the year. 2010 is over, but well be back in 2011 harder and crazier then ever. Get Ready, twenty one one is when we gettin it done... Chee

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playlist 12/29/10

Jaba One : Can U Dig It

Pigeon John : Davey Rockit

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

The Seed / Tassho Pearce : Summer Time

Scarub : L.I.F.E

R.U.N. : 30 Yrs Old

Gangrene / Raekwon : Gutter Water

Harbor Division / OmegaCix / Fame / Kav / Killawats / Solution : Games

Necro : Whos Your Daddy

Ceelo Green : Fuck You

Blood Bros : Tweet Good

Ghesol / OmegaCix / Woebots : MMA

Nocando / Busdriver : 2 Track Mind

Wu Massacre : Our Dreams

Distant Relatives : As We Enter

Ill Hill Society : Aloha Broha

Tassho Pearce / Copywrite / Kwalified Emcee : Books

Mo Illa Pillaz : Manapua Man

Bambu / Geo : Slow Down

Rocky Rivera : Rundown

Angry Locals / KLUV : Collapse Slow

The Pro : Nobody

Creed Chameleon : Groupie Song

Mayer Hawthorne / Jay -Z : Just Aint gonna Work Out

Dumbfoundead : Rapper O's

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

playlist 12/22/10

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Zion I / Reballution : Many Styles

Gangrene / Raekwon : Gutter Water

Nocando / Busdriver : 2 Track Mind

R Nappy Roots : Good Day

R Bob Marley : One Love

R The Roots / Erikah Badu : U Got Me

RUN : 30 Years Old

Mayer Hawthorne : I Wish It Would Rain

Immortal Technique : Harlem Streets

Pigeon John : Davey Rockit

Scarub : L.I.F.E.

Mo Illa Pillaz : Manapua Man

R Tribe Called Quest : Scenerio

Easy E : Merry Mothafuckin Christmas

R Mobb Deep : Shook Ones Pt2

R Felt : Dirty Girl

R Ghostface Killah / Busta Rhymes : Superstar

R Eric B & Rakim : Mahogany

R Alias : Watching Water

Pro : Nobody

R Common : I Used To Love Her

Mental Case / Bladez White : Real

Murs / Tassho Pearce / OmegaCix / Creed Chameleon : Good Problem

R Tribe Called Quest : Check The Rhime

Big Mox : Freestyle My Life Away

R Grouch : Artsy

Bambu : Pull It Back

Chitty Bang : Opposite of Adults

Tassho Pearce , BigMox / Osna / Kwalified / KLuv / RockZa : Who The Fuck is This???

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mayer Hawthorne - I Wish It Would Rain (Video)

For a Rainey day in the HI... Enjoy

Happy Holidays From the Got Rice? Fam

From The Got Rice? Show Fam To urs....

Have A Safe and Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year....

Get Ready, we goin do it even bigger in 2011... Stay Tuned...


United Styles Hawaii Battle Jan 15th

Get ready Hawaii.... United Styles Hawaii is coming to your door!!! Floorlords Crew and Mighty4 present United Styles Hawaii. Special guests Leanski, Lean Rock, El Nino and Lil D holding it down on the dancefloor and the turntables. Horsepower beats brought to you by DJ Lean Rock.. Don't miss out on this one!!! Winners get all expense paid trip to United Styles BBoy World Cup 7!!!!! 5vs5 Battles!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Show n Prove 12/15/10

Youg Rell : I.A.M.

Yes : 14 No : 12


I Like It

U Can Cut it off

Keep it up

hated it

Good Energy, potential


Prie, Beat by Pro : Love Lost

Yes : 35 No : 0

The Shit

Its Straight

Da Bomb

2 Thumbs up

Super gd

One more time

Good job guys. both yall got that positive vote. Mos def we goin rock those tracks soon...

keep it comming ppl..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

playlist 12/15/10

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Gutter Water / Fashawn / Evidence ; Wassup Wassup

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

Rakka : Ambassador Slang

Mo Illa Pillaz : Blue Lights

Jabaone : Can U Dig It mix tape

Nocando / Busdriver : 2 Track Mind

Felt : Dirty Girl

Creed Chameleon : Groupie Song

R Handsome Boy Modeling School / Del / Berrington Levi : World Gone Mad

Mayer Hawthorne : Maybe So, Maybe No

Nomasterbacks : New Rules

R Akinyele ; Put It In Yo Mouth

R Old Dirty Bastard : Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Youg Rell : I.A.M.

Prie : Love Lost

Blackalicious : 40 oz for Breakfast

Mayer Hawthorne / Jay-Z : Just Aint Gonna Work Out

Jabaone : Silence is Golden, But Ducktape is Silver

R Tupac : Me Against the World

R Crown City Rockers : 10.53

R Mo Illa Pillaz : Hawaiian Tabacco

R Talib Kwelli : Beautiful Struggle

R Murs : L.A.

R RZA / ODB : Black Widow pt 2

R De La Soul : Sunshine

Tassho / Mox / Kwalified / Rockza / Kluv / Osna / Compose : Who THe Fuck is This?

Tassho Pearce / Copywrite / Kwalified Emcee ; Books

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

playlist 12/8/10

Murs : Asian Girl

Nocando / Busdriver : Two Track Mind

Roli Rho : Retro Wars

Blackalicious / Cut Chemist : Chemical Calisthenics

Gangrene / Fashawn / Evidence : Wassup Wassup

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

Audible Lab Rats : Breath

Pigeon John : Davey Rockit

Felt : Dirty Girl

Mo Illa Pillaz : Blu Lights

Doom / Ghostface Killah : Angels

Cee Lo Green : Fuck You

Thyrday : Fuck

Nigel Surf Rat : Surfing through space

Noah Neez : Monster Freestyle

Bambu : Pull It Back

Chiddy Bang : Opposite of Adults

Immortal Technique : Dance With The Devil

R Kid Santos : Superstar rmx

Murs / Tassho / Omega 6 / Creed Chameleon : Good Problem

Ghostface Killah / MF DOOM : Chinatown Wars

Angry Locals : Collapse Slow

Harbor Union / Omega6 / Killowats / Kavet / Fame : Games

Hopie Spitshard : Trunks (rmx)

Blu & Exile : Blu Collar Worker

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fredo vs Mox OT

Angry Locals / Grind Time Now Presents: Big Mox vs Fredo

Come Full Circle @ Back to 95. A Hiphop Dance / Reggae Party

Get at me for Glist...

Back to 95 presents Come Full Circle

Friday Oct 10th

Upstairs at Blue Ocean (Old Bliss/Grumpys/Velvet Lounge) 327 Keawe St.

2 Levels of Hiphop & Reggae in one place

Featuring Upstairs:
-BBoy Cypher Battle
-Open Mic
-Live Art Projections by SoulSignature Collective
-Videomixing by Dj Revise

Featuring Downstairs:
-Live Reggae By Most High

2 dope parties for the price of one

Brought to You by Soul Signature, The Got Rice? Show, Revise Sounds & 94 High

Get at me for early guestlist

Download to Good Problem by Tassho Pearce ft. Murs, Omega Cix & Creed Chameleon

Dope Local hiphop and Murs Collab... Props to Murs for comming out and showing love in the HI. Download it here and check it out now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Show N Prove 12/1/10

Kid Santos "Superstar rmx"

Yes: 14 No: 4

Yes Comments: Pretty Good, I Loved It

No Comments: I could of rapped over that beat too...

Parlous / King Ryma "Finally Home"

Yes: 12 No: 0

Yes Comments: Thats a Banger, Dope Track

Congrats to both Parlous and Kid Santos for ending up on the positive side of the Show N Prove. Both dope tracks. keep it up..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LA, Kona & Oahu @ Hiphop @ The Trops

Goin down Dec 17th. LA, Kona, & Oahu get down together at Hiphop at the Trops… For FREE… CHee

Playlist 12/1/10

Murs : Asian Girl

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

Rakaa / Evidence / Fashawn / Defari : Aces High

Trackrunners : Hands Up

Ghostface Killah / Amy Whinehouse : U know Im Know Good

Roli Rho : Retro Wars

Mo Illa Pillaz : Blu Lights

Hieroglyphics : Dont Hate The Player

Pigeon John : Davey Rockit

The Procussions / Talib Kweli : Miss January

Emanon : Love Sick

Dj Quick : Me Wanna Rip Your Girl


Bambu : Quit

Kidsantos : Superstar rmx

Parlous / King Ryma / Dayvon : Finally Home

R Ras Kass : Understandable Smooth

Chitty Bang : Oppostie of Adults

Tassho Pearce / Copywrite / Kwalified Emcee : Books

Rocky Rivera : Run Down

R Grouch & Eligh : Clap

Wu Massacre : Our Dream

Hopie Spitshard : Trunk

Gangrene / Raekwon : Gutter Water

Cee Lo : Fuck You

Binary Star : Honest Expression