Wednesday, December 30, 2009

playlist 12/30/2009

Blackalicious : Make U Feel That Way

Jaba 1 : Different Like Everyone Else (mixtape)

Del The Funky Homosapien / Tame 1 : Life Sucks

Mo Illa Pillaz / Ras Bird : Da Secret

R Jurassic 5 : W.O.E. is Me

DJ 1Nemesis (Skid) : Faders of the Lost Ark Set

Clipse / Keri Hilson : All Eyes on Me

Doom / Kurious : ?

Roli Rho : Retro Wars

Louis Logic : Coochie Coup

Trek Life : Hold Me Down

Hieroglyphics : At The Helm

Ghesol / Shannon : Money

Grouch : Artsy

Binary Star : Honest Expression

Slug & Murs (Felt) : GI Joesaphine

Mayer Hawthorne / Jay Z : Just Aint Gonna Work Out (rmx)

Audible Lab Rats : Without the Fee

Wu Tang Clan : Its Yours

R Creed Chameleon : Eat Shit & Die

Deltron 3030 : 3030

Immortal Technique / Akir / Pharoahe Monch : Apocalypse

Mo Illa Pillaz : Hustlin Juggulahz

Trek Life : Long Time Comming

Ghostface KIllah : Cher Chez La Ghost

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

playlist 12/23/2009

Roli Rho : Retrowars

Slug & Murs : GI Joesaphine

Mo Illa Pillaz : Blu Lights

BK - One / Raekwon / I Self Devine : True & Living

Del & Tame One : Flashback

Show Biz & AG : Soul Clap

Aesoprock : Citronella

Da Superfriendz / DOOM : Vast Aire

Mo Illa Pillaz / Iyah : Hustlin Juggulahz

Blackalicious : Chemical Calisthenics

No Master Backs : Forgotten

Easy E : Merry Motherfucking Christmas

Cardiac Arrest : Get Down High

Audible Lab Rats : Sic Emcees

Clipse / Keri Hilson : All Eyes on Me

Mo Illa Pillaz : Manapua Man

Big L : Flamboyant

Ghesol / Woeski / Omegacix : MMA

Blackstar / Common : Respiration

Mo Illa Pillaz / Ras Bird : Da Secret

Trek Life : Long Time Comming

Binary Star : Honest Expression

Immortal Technique / Diabolic / Ras Kas : Payback

Wu Tang Clan : METHOD MAN

Trek Life : Hold Me Down

2mex : Say It Aint So

CMA : Windows

Mo Illa Pillaz ; Gullah Spittin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

playlist 12/16/2009

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

K-smooth : Xmas Mix

R Lauren Hill : When It Hurts So Bad

Mo Illa Pillas : Da Secret

Mo Illa Pillaz : Manapua Man

Mo Illa Pillaz : Blue Lights

MF DOOM / Ghostface : Angels

R Mo Illa Pillaz : Hustlin Juggulahz

Hieroglyphics : Dont Hate the Player

Slug & Murs : G.I. Joesaphine

Del & Tame One : Flashback

Easy E : Merry Motherfuckin Christmas

Required Audio : Vol 1

Treklife : Hold Me Down

MegaHurtz Proj. : Harry

BK-One / Phonte / Bro. Ali / Grouch : Here I Am

Pete Rock & CL Smooth : TROY

Clipse / Pharrel : Im Good

Ghesol / Woeski / OmegaCix : MMA

High & Mighty / Mos Def / Skillz : BBoy Document 99

R J-Live : Walkman Music

R Grouch & Eligh : Boom

Outkast : Da Art of Story Telling pt 1

Thursday, December 10, 2009

playlist 12/9/2009

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

Jaba One : Different Like Everyone Else

GZA : Knock Knock

Outkast : Da Art of Story Telling pt 1

Del / Tame One : Life Sucks

Procussions : Leave Her Alone

Bro Ali / Slug : Blah Blah Blah

Crown City Rockers : Go Away

Eyedea & Abilities : One Twenty

Easy E : Merry Motherfuckin Christmas

Trek Life : Long Time Comming

R The Roots : Clones

Ghesol / Shanon : Surfers

Mobb Deep / Q-tip : Drink Away The Pain

Fortilive : Far Away (Eddie Aikau Mix)

Blakroc / Rza / Pharoe Monch : Dollaz & Sense

Mega Hurtz Project : Harry

Tonedeff / CunninLynguists : Porcelain (rmx)

Wu Tang Clan : Mystery of Chess Boxin

R Blackstar / Common : Respirations

Mo Illa Pillaz : Manapua Man

R Cyne : 400 Years

Clipse / Kerri Hilson : All Eyes on Me

Immortal Technique / RasKass / Diabolic : Payback

Ghesol / Woeski / OmegaCix : MMA

Treklife : Hold Me Down

Hieroglyphics : At the Helm

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Playlist 12/2/2009

Roli Rho : Retro Wars

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

Bro Ali : Heads Down

Slug & Murs : Henrietta Longbottom

Doom / Ghostface : Angels

Creed Chameleon : Flesh & Blood

Crown City Rockers : Go Away

Afroman : Crazy Raps

Immortal Technique : Harlem Renaissance

R Del / Tame One : Special

R Blue Scholars : HI 808

Souls of Mischief : Propper Aim

Grouch & Eligh / Slug : Boom

Game / Kanye West : Wouldnt Get Far

Mayer Hawthorne / Jay-z : Just Aint Gonna Work Out / 99 Problems mix

Hieroglyphics : Dont Hate the Player

Gesol / woeski / Omega cix : MMA

Trek Life : Hold Me Down

Mo Illa Killas : Raps To Da Max

Asian Mcgangbang Combo, Only in Hawaii

Brought to you by Bone & STU

Asian Mcgangbang Combo, Only In Hawaii Biatches...


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is Total BULLSHIT. Let's make sure it doesn't happen here in Hawaii

Police seize DJs' laptops

New police chief apparently condones policy that critics call illegal and punitive

By Joshua Emerson Smith

San Francisco Police Department officers have added a controversial tactic to their aggressive raids on house parties (see "Fun under siege," 4/22/09): they're seizing laptop computers from DJs at the events.

While SFPD officials deny the laptop seizures is a new policy, they admit it has been condoned by Police Chief George Gascón, who took over in August and last month told the Guardian's editorial board he wants to make the SFPD more transparent and accountable to the public (see "New coach, new approach," 10/14/09).

"The police chief is aware that officers are being proactive in gathering evidence," Sgt. Lyn Tomioka told the Guardian when asked about a string of laptop seizures by undercover cops over the last 10 months, most of them in cases in which the DJs weren't even charged with a crime.

Many of the raids have occurred in SoMa, and were spearheaded by undercover officers who penetrated the parties and were followed by uniformed officers. San Francisco Entertainment Commission member Terrance Alan called the crackdown a "disappointing and dangerous trend."

Tomioka said it's a judgment call for officers to seize laptops as evidence of an illegal party, but Alan said the tactic is a punitive measure that proves nothing: "Taking laptops [is] not necessary to prove the underlying crime, and in many cases damages people's ability to earn a living."

One of the most recent raids happened on Halloween. It was about 2:30 a.m. and music was pumping out of a warehouse party on Sixth Street. The people throwing the party had hired a doorman, and attendee Eric Dunn was standing in line waiting to get in.

"We were right at the front of the line," Dunn told the Guardian, when, he said, two plainclothes officers drove up on the sidewalk, jumped out of an unmarked car, and rushed up to the doorman. "[The officers] pretty much started demanding entry right away. The doorman was really polite. He basically told them that you have to know somebody to get into the party."

Dunn said the officers waited until an exiting guest opened the door from the inside and then made their move. "One guy barged in, and the other guy followed. They never asked permission or received permission to enter the building," Dunn said.

Inside, the two undercover officers immediately shut down the event. Justin Miller, a DJ at the event, said she remembers it very clearly. "The cops at that point were telling everybody to leave the party, telling me to turn the music off. I turned the music off. Everyone was quietly leaving."

But Miller said it didn't stop there. One of the undercover officers approached her and asked if she had a laptop. She said she did. "I was a little confused at this point because I didn't know what my laptop had to do with anything. I was playing CDs." She said she pulled her computer out from underneath a table and unzipped it from a case. The officer then "grabbed it from me."

The undercover police officer — later identified by witnesses and the evidence receipt as Larry Bertrand — instructed Miller to follow him down to the street to get a property receipt for her laptop.

At this point there were uniformed officers on the scene as well. Miller started to cry. "I begged him. I said, 'This is my livelihood. You're talking my laptop. This is my livelihood. I hope you realize that.' He said, 'This is how you're going to learn then, I guess.'"

Miller said Bertrand (who did not return Guardian calls for comment) then told her he was "going to take it upon himself to shut down every illegal party in San Francisco."

She said he then opened the trunk of his car, revealing several other laptops. A person at the party pointed out that one of the laptops belonged to a friend of his, and asked if he could get the property receipt for the laptop. Miller said Bertrand turned to the inquiring person and said, "You will never see this laptop again."

She continued: "He then looked at me and said, 'I'm going to make sure your paperwork gets so tied up that maybe you won't see this laptop until December, January, February, who knows when.' I felt so violated."

Miller has been working as a DJ in the Bay Area, under the name DJ Justincredible, for more than 10 years. She says she's never had any of her equipment confiscated by the police before. But at that party, three DJs had their laptops confiscated, even though none were charged with a crime.

Shortly after the Halloween incident, Miller and the two other DJs who were at the party contacted the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy group specializing in technology and privacy issues. Jennifer Granick, a civil liberties lawyer with EFF, said most people haven't heard about this because few of these DJs, if any, ever get convicted of a crime.

"DJs and the police department know that sound equipment and laptops are being unlawfully seized. But the public and the courts haven't heard much about it because every time a DJ asks for a hearing, the cops just give them their property back rather than show up and defend the practice in open court before a judge," she said.

Sean Evans has been working as a DJ in San Francisco, under the name DJ 7, for more than 10 years. He said that over the summer he had his laptop seized by police during an after-hours party in SoMa. He was given no property receipt, and his case was dismissed. But it took him three months to get his computer back.

"To lose our sole means of income, it's a huge setback. It puts us out of work. In this recession, we're struggling, and we need our laptops to get by," he said. Evans grew up in the Bay Area and he said has never had anything like this happen to him before.

Granick argued it is illegal for police to seize property without issuing citations or arrests. She also said there are serious privacy issues at stake. "If we were to find out that the police were doing something else with the laptops, like searching through them or copying the data, we would definitely go to court," she said.

SFPD Sgt. Wilfred Williams said he could not say what was currently being done with the laptops. In general, he said, private events that emit "extraordinary amounts of sound" need permits. And if they don't have the proper permits, he said, property can be seized as evidence, "be it the speakers, be it the laptops, be it a mixer."

Both Tomioka and Williams say the seizures aren't a new policy. "If you look back in time, laptops haven't been used for music," Williams said. "There used to be old types of equipment that was taken in the past. But now laptops are being used. So yes, today, laptops [are] being seized."

Entertainment advocates have called on Mayor Gavin Newsom and Gascón to come forward with an explicit policy concerning these raids and seizures. The Mayor's Office did not respond to Guardian inquiries. Critics of the policy say it's having a chilling effect on nightlife in San Francisco.

Wednesday November 25, 2009