Thursday, October 29, 2009

playlist 10/28/2009

Blackalicious : Make U Feel That Way

Strange Fruit Proj. : Special

Talib Kweli : Get by

R Murs : And This Is For

Crown City Rockers : Go Away

Aceyalone : Analillia

Bro. Ali : Forrest Whitiker

Aesop Rock : None Shall Pass

Red Cloud : When Kempo Strikes

Del & Tame1 : The Franchise

Wu Tang Clan : Triumph

BC : Dream Space (Macross rmx)

Outkast : Spoottieottiedopalicious

Tribe Called Quest : Left My Wallet In El Segundo

Raekwon / Methodman : Fuck Them

Affion Crocket : U a Mess

Danger Doom : Sofa King

Danger Doom / Ghostfacekillah : The Mask

R Wu Tang Clan : Gravel Pit
R Immortal Technique / Ras Kas / Diabolic : Payback

African Bambaataa : Looking For The Perfect Beat

The Knux : Daddies Little Girl

Demite : Read A Book

Mayer Hawthorne / JayZ : Just Aint Workin Out (rmx)

Black Star : Respirations

Goodie Mob : Cell Therapy

The Coup : Go Get That Monkey Off Your Back

Visionaries / Living Legends : Meeting of The Minds

Rza / MF doom : Biochemical Equation

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got Rice? Show Playlist 10/21/09

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

Outkast : Spottieottiedopaliscious

Del / Tame One : Life Sucks

Eyedea & Abilities : One Twenty

BC : Dream Space (Macross rmx)

Slug & Murs : Breaker Down Like a Shot Gun

Pigeon Jon : Clueless

Murs : Badman

Tribe Called Quest : Scenerio

Immortal Technique : Bin Laden

Mayer Hawthorne : One Track Mind

Brother Ali : Baby Girl

Del / Tame One : Flashback

Black Eyed Peas : Joints & Jams

Bro Ali / Slug : Blah Blah Blah

2 live Cru : Pop That Pussy

Louis Logic : Coochie Coup

Mos Def : Ms Fat Booty

MIA : Paper Planes (Adrock Rmx)

Crown City Rockers : Go Away

The Grouch : Simple Man

Mayer Hawthorne / Jay Z : Just Aint Gonna Workout (rmx)

Wu Tang Clan : CREAM

Soulico / Pigeon Jon / Ceci Bastida : S.O.S.

Aceyalone / Goapele : Moonlit Skies

Roots / Wale / C. Michelle : Rise Up

Breakstra / Chali 2na / Dj Dusk : Posed To Be

Souls of Mischief : 93 Till Infinity

Hiphop @ The Trops 1st Beat Battle Friday Night

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Ill Hill Mix Tape

Check out Ill Hill's mix tape... Throw your Hills in the air... chee

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The New Got Rice? Show on KTUH

So the Got Rice? Sh0w has changed times. We are now on Wed nights from 9pm to 12am on KTUH 90.3 fm Honolulu or

Get ready, all new shit goin down on Got Rice? Wit the CYL cru in the house hypin shit up... judgin from the brain Storm today, Hawaii Hiphop neva goin be da Same...

C U on Wensday...

peace and aloha