Thursday, June 24, 2010

playlist 6/23/10

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girls

Gangstar : Skills

NERD : Things are Getting Better

Little Bro. / Joe Scudda : Lovin It

Sage Francis : I Was Zero

Hieroglyphics : Don't Hate The Player

No Master Backs : New Rules

Cali Agents : Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Immortal Technique / Akir : One (rmx)

Murs : Yesterday & Today

Skim : Long Story

Skim : Chaos

Skim : Stay Alive

Skim : How Do You Say

Aiga : Stargazers

Creed Chameleon : Groupie Song

Black Star / Common : Respiration

R Blue Scholars : HI-808

The Nonce : Mix Tapes

R Common : The Light

Kaboose / Royce 5'9 : Goin Outta Control

Mos Def : Ms Fatbooty

Afroman : Crazy Raps

Blu & Exile : No Greater Love

Monday, June 21, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Dirtbag Dan vs Osna

Hiphop @ The Trops Brought this to you. be on the look out for more GT type events.

Meiso, AmenRaw, Hollow & More Sat Night


support your local Hiphop

Thursday, June 17, 2010

playlist 6/16/10

Murs / 9Matic : Asian Girl

Talib Kwelli : Get By

Goodie Mob : Cell Therapy

Mayer Hawthorne : Maybe So, Maybe No

Gza : Knock Knock

R Gangstar : Mass Appeal

R Blue Scholars : HI-808

Aceyalone : Mic Check

Blackalicious : Make you Feel That Way

The Seed / Tassho Pearce : Summer Time

R Souls Of Mischief : 93 Till Infinity

Atmosphere : Reflections

Kid Cudi / MGMT / Ratatat : Pursuit of Happiness

R Creed Chameleon / Bambu / Geologic : Paradise Life Relaxing

Murs : Vicky Veil

Riskay : Smell Yo Dick

R Blu & Exile : Greater Love

Grouch : Artsy

R Method Man / Mary J Blige : All I Need

Giant Panda : One Time

Aiga : Stargazers

R Common / The Light

Counter Productive : Its Not Me, Its U

R KRS 1 : Emcees Act Like They Dont Know

Mobb Deep / Qtip : Drink Away The Pain

Binary Star : Honest Expression

DJ Crucial : Mixtape

Jurrassic 5 / Big Daddy Kane : Day At the Races

Murs : Yesterday & Today

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playlist 6/9/10

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Sage Francis ; I Was Zero

The Seed / Tasho Peirce : Summer Time

Mo Illa Pillaz : Blu Lights

R Grouch & Eligh / Slug : Boom

No Master Backs : Love Like This

R Nas / Quan : Just A Moment

Aiga : One TIme For The Mind

Eyedea & Abilites : One Twenty

Atmosphere ; National Disgrace

Propaganda / Zane 1 : Return of the Juke Joint

Ill Valley : Old School Toyota

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

R Sage Francis : Worry Not

2 live Cru ; Me So Horny

Mox : Moxtape

Gesol / Woeski / Omega Cix : MMA

R Blue Scholars : Still Got Love

Aiga : Stargazers

Audible Lab Rats : Breath

Spacifics : Still #1

Jeyetik : High State

Demune : Fertile infertile Enviroment

Blu & Exile : Soul Amazing

Friday, June 4, 2010

Aceyalone Has a New Venue...

Its Official... The Aceyalone show has moved to SOHO on Sat...

Still The Same Dope Show... Just a New Dope Venue....

Aceyalone now at SOHO Down Town

Saturday June 5th @ SOHO 80 South Pauahi St. Down Town

Performing Live & Direct from The Freestyle Fellowship & Project Blowed..


-A founding member of Freestyle Fellowship (a hip-hop collective that also
featured Mikah 9, Self Jupiter and Mtulazaji P.E.A.C.E) Aceyalone played
an important role in the evolution of intellectual, literate hip-hop
primarily on the West Coast during an era when hardcore gangsta rap
reigned. Apart from his role in Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone is also a
member of Haiku D'Etat (with Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) and The A-Team
(with Abstract Rude), and is a co-founder of Project Blowed.
After releasing a pair of albums with the Freestyle Fellowship, the
emcee successfully maintained his position in the hip-hop world by
releasing his debut solo album "All Balls Don’t Bounce", earning massive
critical acclaim and declaring Aceyalone “one of the
greatest lyricists the West Coast has ever produced”.
Since then, the emcee has released eight more solo albums & colabed with
numerous figures in the music world including RJD2 & dancehall/reggae
producer Bionik. Aceyalone has also gained national prominence by being
featured on numerous 2K Sports games.

Also Performing live:

- Audible Lab Rats
- Kavet The Catalyst
- Amen Raw w/ The Spacifics
- Ill Hill Society

Hosted by Big Mox

Doors Open at 9pm

Pre Sale $15 / $20 @ The Door

Pick up your presale tickets now at Tropics Cafe, Prototype Ala Moana &
Pearlridge, Second Skin & The Mind Shoppe

18 and over welcome

More info: 808-372-2301

Also check out the websight for show updates:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

playlist 6/2/10

MUrs / 9thmatic : Asian Girls

Roli Rho : Retro Wars

The Seed / Tasho Pierce : Summertime

Aceyalone : Mic Check

Slug & Murs : Dirty Girl

Brother Ali : Forrest Whitiker

Aceyalone / Abstract Rude : Deep & Wide

Kavet : Again & Again

Atmosphere : Reflections

Eyedea & Abilities : One Twenty

Meiso / Spacifics ; Satoru

Blood Bros / MO Love : Tweet

Audible Lab Rats : Adobofunk

R KRS One : Emcees Act Like They Dont Know

Rocky Rivera : The Rundown

R Channel Live / KRS1 : Mad Izms

R EPMD : Crossover

Freestyle Fellowship : Cornbread

Freestyle Fellowship : Hot Potatos

Aceyalone : Ms Amerikkka

Spacifics : Still #1

The Seed / Packo : Keep Rockin On

Aceyalone : Find Out

Aceyalone : Annalillia