Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

playlist 1/27/10

Jaba One : Poked in the Eye By Love

Lightsleepers : Four Eyed Fish

R Common : I Used To Lover Her

Mo Illa Pillaz / Ras Bird : Da Secret

Brother Ali : Best @ It

R Big Pooh : The Strongest Man

R Large Prof / Q-Tip : In The Sun

R Nas : Represent

2 Live Cru : Face Down

2 Live Cru : Fuck Shop

R Dr Dre / Snoop Dogg / Kurupt : Bitches aint Shit

Jake One / Bro Ali / Freeway : The Truth

Aceyalone : Find out

R Tech Nine : Big Bad Wolf

R Bobby digital : La Rhamba

R Giant Panda : One Time

Grayskull : Secret Wars

R GMC : One To Grow On

Rivals $500 Emcee Battle

Hit me up for guest list or if you wanna enter...

808-372-2301 or

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

playlist 1/20/2010

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

Home Grown Blends : Mix Tape

Bro. Ali : Best @ It

Del / Tame 1 : Life Sucks

Masta Killah / Inspectah Deck / GZA : Street corners (doom mix)

Bro Ali / Slug : Blah Blah Blah

Crown City Rockers : Go Away

Clipse / Kerri Hilston : All Eyes on Me

Bro Ali : Forrest Whitiker

NWA : Automobiles

R Jungle Bros : Brain

Trek Life : Long time Comming

Creed Chameleon / Baboo / Gelogic : Paradise Life Relaxing

Bro. Ali / Freeway : The Truth

Blackroc / mos def / jim Jones : Aint Nothing Like You

Binary Star : Honest Expression

Brother Ali : Champion (rmx)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I wanna see this Battle... Bboy Dan v.s. Hella Hung

Lets have Bboy Dan v.s. Hella Hung in a 1 on 1 Battle. Id Pay to see that....

check out Hella Hung...

ill Post the video soon...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

playlist 1/13/10

Blackalicious : Make You Feel That Way

Roli Rho : Retrowars

Del / Tame One : Flashback

Doom / Ghostface : Angels

R Track Runners : Be Right Back

Clipse / Pharrell : Im Good

Brother Ali : Best @ It

R People Under The Stairs : LA Song

BK One / Aceyalone / Myka 9 / Abstract Rude : Mega

NWA : She Swallowed It

Akinyele : Put It In Your Mouth

2 Live Crew : 1 And 1

Binary Star : Masters of the Universe

Grouch : Artsy

R Boogie Monsters : Wistles in the Wind

R Roosevelt Franklin / Slug / Jean Grae : Insomnia 411

R Binary Star : Reality Check

Cunninlynguist : Mic Like A Memory

Collective Elements / 2mex : Blessing

AZN : Got Rice?

Mayer Hawthorne / Jay Z : Just Aint Gonna Work Out / 99 Problems

Creed Chameleon : Choke

Nas : Made You Look

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dj Audissy's set in the finals. Congrats.

DJ Audissey in the Mai Tai Bar Club DJ Battle FINALS from DJ Audissey on Vimeo.

Lyricist Lounge Freestyle. Topic: SEX

[Note: In the order they appear] K-Luv, Kwallified Emcee, SeanG, CjFresh, bigMOX, Devon, & Harum

Damn, wish i made it...

There gonna start doing this every 3rd Sat at Jazz Minds. Mos Def goin be fresh...

And The Winner of the Mai Tai DJ Spinoff is... WTF? A Tie???

Congrats to Dj Audissy for winning. Small Kine Confusion on the Tie though...

Ill Say this...

Dj Audissy won but 45 was the Peoples Champ that night

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I guess I'm the biggest pimp in Honolulu...

Funny... I feel More like a Night Time Villain... Ha

Hater goin hate I guess. See for yourself...

Monday, January 4, 2010

DJ 45 Revolver throwing down at the Mai Tais DJ Spinoff 1/3/2010

This Set was UNREAL...

A lotta ppl think the competition was juiced. Me personally, im not sure. I think Audissy did his thing and had a very good set, but 45's set was just UNREAL. Just my opinion i guess, and i wasnt judging so it doesnt really matter.

Congrats to DJ Auddissy. May you continue to dj well and reach new heights with your win..

45... Dude, u Fuckin Killed it...

Introducing DJ Revise...

Watched the Pacman fight and got all tore up after taking shots... an Hr later he got up and rocked a set in China towns Bar 35...

Introducing DJ Revise...