Wednesday, February 23, 2011

playlist 2/23/11

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Visionaries : If You Cant Say Love

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

R No Master backs : Aloha Mahalo

R Fugees : Nappy Heads

DJ Roli Rho : Retro Wars

Creed Chameleon : Groupie Song

R Wu Tang Clan : Triumph

People Under the Stairs : Montego Slay

Audible Lab Rats : Breath

Josh Martinez / Moka Only : Underground Pop

Tribe Called Quest : Keepin It Moving

R Jeru the Damaja : The Bitches

Wu Massacre : Our Dreams

Flying Lotus : Fall In Love

Tassho Pearce / Murs / Creed Chameleon / OmegaCix : Good Problem

A.T. : Pursuit of Prosperity

Prie : Both Ways

Louis Logic / Mac Lethal : Street Smarts

Tassho Pearce / Copywrite / Kwalified : Books

Rocky Rivera : Rundown

Triple Threat : Feature Presentation

Triple Threat / Bladez Whyte : Whats That

Triple Threat : FCC

Triple Threat : Heard It All

Triple Threat : Behave Son

Repo : Rocknrolla

N.A.S.A. / Kanye West / Santogold / Lykke Li : Gifted (Masuka Remix)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

playlist 2/16/11

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Jaba One : Digging in the Crates

Josh Martinez / Moka Only : Underground Pop

R De La Soul : A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

Immortal Technique / Akir : One (rmx)

R Eyedea & Abillites : One Twenty

R Pete Rock & CL Smooth : Carmel City

R Gangstarr : Skillz

R J Dilla : Rough Draft

Prie : Love Lost

R Murs : Hustle

Baraka Flocka Flame : Head of the State

Josh Martinez / Sarcasm / Govnor Bolts : Uphill Climb

Mo Illa Pillaz : Hawaiian Tobacco

R Flying Lotus : Tea Leaf Dancer

Parlous / Dyvon / King Rhyma : Finally Home

N.A.S.A. / Kanye West / Likke Li : Giffted (rmx)

Josh Martinez : Just a Dood

One Be Lo : ET

Fortilive / Skyzoo : Jim Kelly

Chicharones : Straight Outta Noggin

Creed Chameleon / Tassho Pearce / Osna : 16 Bars

Bambu : Pull It Back

Prolific Unknowns : Beat Mox Cypher

Binary Star : Honest Expression

Chiddy Bang : Opposite of Adults

Nujabes : Lady Brown

Josh Martinez : Nightmare

Thursday, February 10, 2011

playlist 2/9/11

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girl

Prie : Love Lost

Josh Martinez / Moka Only : Underground Pop

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

Gangrene : Wassup Wassup

Nomasterbacks : Love Like This

J Dilla / Talib Kweli / Q tip : Lightwork

Roli Rho : Retro Wars

Jaba One : Poked in the Eye by Love

Pro n Product : In The Mood

R Gangstarr : Skillz

R R U N : 30 yrs Old

East Side Boys / Oobie : Ooh Na Na

Thyrday : Fuck

Soul Chemistry : The Fiasco

Repo : We Stay Alive

N.A.S.A. / Kanye West / Santigold / Likke Li : Gifted (Masuka rmx)

Creed Chameleon / Tassho Pearce / Osna : 16 Bars

R Cunnylinguist / Devin The Dude : Wonderful

Josh Martinez : Goin Back To Hali

R Vybz Kartel : Rampage Shop

Jah Smooth / KLuv / Chris G : I Wanna Get Nastay

Nujabes / Cies Star : Lady Brown

R Dumbfoundead : She Dont Care

Common : The Light (Kero One Mix)

R 50 cent : How to Rob

R Jazz Addixx : Mindstate

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Josh Martinez Returns to Hawaii

The Got Rice? Show, Hiphop @ The Trops & Back To 95 Presents...


SAT FEB 19TH @ Blue Oceans, 327 Keawe St.


Josh Martinez has been serving up the scorching hot heat since his early days as an arsonist. Having given up crime, Josh turned to organized religion, and set out to convert the unwashed masses. Having found that the masses were in fact already washed, Josh turned to rap music as an excuse to kiss girls and get free beer. It seems to have worked, as the name Josh Martinez is now synonymous with both loose women and cheap beer.

Josh Martinez has burst onto the scene with humor, wit and an infectious delivery that has his songs stuck in your head for weeks. Martinez’ first release, the DJ Moves produced Maximum Wellbeing EP, blew the collective conscious with the epic track “Deny”. A five beat, ten minute opus about a soldier forced to revisit the Holocaust, “Deny” won 1998’s Independent Song of the Year from CBC’s Brave NewWaves.

His next release, Josh Martinez & the Hooded Fang, was awarded 5 mics by Source Online and showcased production and rhyme help from Halifax’s finest. This self-released gem moved Vice Magazine to comment, “Josh takes on more subject matter in one song than most rappers do in their entire careers.” As interest in his recordings grew, Josh decided to start his own record label, Low Pressure Records, a Vancouver based label co-owned by DJ Moves and Rhekone. In the spring of 2001, Low Pressure released the immensely popular Made in China, Josh’s third album, which sold more than 5000 copies independently and spread Josh’s words far and wide. In 2002, Low Pressure was dissolved and Josh reopened under the name Camobear Records. Following on the 2002 release of both the Rumble Pie EP and The Good Life EP, comes the release of the fourth full length album, Buck Up Princess, to a growing fanbase eager for new material. Buck Up Princess is serious business: next generation rap music, moving from banger to anthem and back again, leaving you with sweaty palms, a nervous tic, and the need to love and be loved. Its subject matter ranges from funny anecdotes to profound observations to heartfelt yearnings on love and life. Featuring Josh at his most polished yet, this album, released in North America through Revolver USA, will be supported by a twenty city US tour in the Fall of 2003. Recent shows at TransMusicales in France and a three week European tour in early 2003 have lead Josh to some considerable overseas acclaim. The Buck Up Princess album will be released throughout Europe on Bella Union (UK), and will be supported by a month long European Tour of the festival circuit throughout
the Summer.

Also Performing Live:

The Prolific Unknowns (K-Luv & Mox)
Creed Chameleon
No Master Backs
and more...

1 on 1 Freestyle Emcee Battle
Early entry at



18 n over, starts at 9pm

$10 OVER / $15 UNDER

for more info, hit up

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playlist 2/2/11

Murs / 9thmatic : Asian Girls

Zion I / Rebelution : Many Styles

Gangrene / Raekwon : Gutter Water

Josh Martinez / Moka Only : Underground Pop

Jaba One : Digging in the Crates

R Immortal Technique : Leaving the Past

R Doom / Kurious : ?

Mayer Hawthorne : Maybe So, Maybe No

Nocando / Busdriver : Two Track Mind

R Zion I / Too Short : Dont Loose Your Head

Too Short : BlowJob Betty

R Repo Man : We Stay Alive

Eternal : Cold Mutha

Nippondamic / Pone Boy : Jealous

N.A.S.A. / Kanye West / Lykke Li : Giffted (Masuka rmx)

Chitty Bang : Opposite of Adults

Trek Life : Long Time Comming

R Talib Kweli : Gutter Rainbows

Ghostface Killah / Busta Rhymes : Superstar

Chicharones : Straight Outta Noggin

Mo Illa Pillaz : Hawaiian Tabbaco

R School Boy Q : What The Word

Prie : Love Lost

Fortilive : There They Go